The cost for FEPS Fast Growth 12 Month Membership is set out below, before provide you with price we must set out the following:

  • This system is NOT a get rick quick scheme
  • You must be committed to following the education programme, and implementing the methods within your business


The HONEST truth is this:

Many education programs promise you the world and the keys to success, this is not what FEPS is about.

What is available here is the magic ingredients that can achieve fast growth for you business its not just a formula for success ….but an actual recipe for success… However unless you commit to yourself to follow everything to the letter and implement the FEPS sstem to the letter and are determined to growing your business fast this education program is not for you.

We are not in the world of bull shxxxxg you and promising you your dreams will come true because it has taken Simon years and years of hard sweat, mistake after mistake to provide committed businesses owners with a formula for achieving success through marketing automation and persuasive copywriting.

Everyone involved at FEPS knows it takes time, patience and commitment – if you have those traits keep reading – if you don’t please do not purchase this program.

This is the complete 1 on 1 mentoring program that provides you with everything you need to know to master marketing thro0ugh automation, persuasive copyriting which will increase your businesses profits.

Module by module, step by step, you can explore all aspects of developing a FEPS for your business. Every member who joins our platinum membership is allocated a personal one on one mentor who accompanies members through the programme as they work toward becoming the master of FEPS for their business .

Each section and module is scheduled with your own trainer and each lesson covers the individual module content and includes exercises and homework. Your own personal trainer will mark and return the work after each session.

The course covers topics from ‘Psychology of Selling’ ‘Identifying Objections’ ‘Automation technology’ ‘Automating the Customer Journey ‘Mindset of Todays Buyers’ and much much more

The FEPS course is made up of 34 in depth modules including manuals, videos and automation technology.

It also includes ongoing online workshops where members can access the Simon and his expert team  who have secured millions in sales from careful implementation of this system. Simon uses this system every day in his current businesses and works 1:1 with his private clients.


DON’T WORRY… do not need…

– To have done anything like this before

– Come from a marketing background

– Technical skills


Attitude and desire and a willingness to be successful are the keys to any education program and especially a program that is all about you developing at your own speed and in your own time for the benefits of your business.

If you can learn a new skill  then we can teach you to use the FEPS systems. What we want though is a bit of realism and a great attitude and then we can create share with you the FEPS system to fast track your business growth.

So if you think you have what it takes to take on and succeed with an Feps Membership and you are committed to the program of learning, purchase membership below where you will receive 12 months mentoring to implement a proven fast track business growth system (FEPS) for your business.

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