Simon’s Full Story

Becoming a marketer and making money from running your own show is something that either appeals to you or it doesn’t. So, does it appeal to you? And why would you would want to run your own business and master marketing?

Well, part of the answer’s easy. Most people want a better job. You know what better means, don’t you? Work less and get paid more. Now a great entrepreneur’s income can be almost unbelievable, so there’s at least one reason you’d definitely want to master marketing for your business. But apart from the financial rewards, there are lots of other reasons you could be interested. Money can’t be the only reason, simply because not every business owner makes millions.

Some of those same reasons may do the opposite and convince you that it’s just not for you, so I can’t make your mind up for you. But I can tell you how it was for me. If you bear with me, I’ll try to keep the history short and get to the main points as soon as possible.

From where I sit, mastering marketing for my own business is better than digging ditches in the sun, polishing my pants on a seat in an office, or selling my friends soap powder. Perhaps you can associate with part of my reasoning somewhere in the story?

My Story

Before I start, I want you to know that common sense will tell you that anything that can provide great rewards like being a great marketer can’t come to you without effort. You have to actually do something to make it happen. It takes practice to be good at anything.

I grew up in an average family. At least it was then – two parents, two kids. We owned our modest house after the mortgage was paid, we had a recent model car and a visited Europe every few years for our holidays. We got new clothes when we needed them and a few treats. On the whole, everything was pretty rosy. Dad worked hard to support the family and put food on the table, and mum worked hard too as a supply teacher and running the house. Mum choses when she worked after she got married and got pregnant. She was a typical example of that dying breed, the suburban housewife.

Families could afford to have a housewife back then. We got woken up each morning, breakfast on the table and lunch neatly packed for school. During the day mum cleaned the house, did the shopping and met some other mums for social events. She was happy. Dad was happy. We were all happy. Life was probably pretty average, but we didn’t really want anything else.

Then something changed.

Petrol became dearer. House prices started to rise, and so did the cost of a beer. The government started creating more departments and employing more bureaucrats, so taxes went up. Unions started striking for all sorts of reasons. Then we got McDonalds, and all those copycats weren’t far behind. They bombarded us with advertising to eat junk food. We were being told our lives weren’t as good as they could be, so we worked harder. Mums had to start looking for a job so that the family could get a bigger house and keep up with the Joneses.

I grew up and got married, had children. Attitudes became more American. The TV told us so, with more and more American content. Everyone started wanting more. More money, more fun, more holidays. Many people were locked on a treadmill and didn’t care. Not only did they just not realise there was another way, they simply weren’t aware there was even any problem.

New drugs for stress management popped up and became fashionable.

I was leaving home at 6:25am precisely each day to arrive in the office at 7:00am. Then leaving the office around 5pm to get home about six. I was working as a College Lecturer and constantly spending my time planning lessons, marketing coursework and working long into the evenings, including weekends. I did it for years.

The journey too and form work in the Winter was a nightmare, left while it was dark returned after dark, never seeing any daylight. The pay and the job weren’t really compensation for feeling totally drained most waking hours.

Jump in the time capsule and zoom forward to today…

There are nowhere near as many suburban housewives as there used to be. Girls have to survive financially too, and once they get their independence, they often don’t want to be housewives because there’s too many other things to do. Dads go to work, kids go to school, mums go to work. The housework comes last. The kids want to go to soccer or piano or dancing, everyone’s timetable is so much fuller. The letterbox is full of junk mail. The TV’s full of advertisements telling you what you should own or how you should look.

The government takes more than ever before. Now you need two incomes because your car registration has doubled, insurance costs are up and they’re taking up a petition to sack the council because they’re wasting our rates. With half our adult population supported either directly or indirectly by the government, no wonder costs are soaring.

But what the heck can you do about it?

I can tell you what I did.

I decided I’d had enough of the rat race in 2006. I had a new daughter, and given she was really ill when she was born, I realised I needed to change my lifestyle so I could see her. I think I finally made the decision to change when I realised that I would miss out on so much of her life if I didn’t change my job, as I would only be coming home when she was asleep.

I was well paid, so I had the luxury of some financial security. I started trolling the internet looking for ideas. Businesses for sale, investment opportunities, all that sort of thing. I went from a Dog Food Delivery Business to a sports coaching business and on to an education organisation working with disadvantaged children.  Nothing really grabbed me.

One day, I stopped to think about it. These were the options I faced:

  • Keep doing my job, working myself to death. I was over it, and so I never really considered doing this.
  • Improve my position using further education to get myself a better pay rate or promotion. This also seemed to be just more of the same old treadmill. It wasn’t about the money and retirement was miles away anyway.
  • Change jobs – still more of the same.
  • Become spiritual and sit on a mountain. Curses. Flower power had died long before I was born!
  • Find a way to leverage my time and money using some business and/or investment ideas. This sounded really attractive, but I really didn’t have much experience.

What sort of investment would be suitable? Lots of my work associates were buying negatively geared investment properties hoping for big capital gains, and that sounded nice except I’d have to keep my job to finance the debt.

I’d already invested in the stock market using a margin loan facility. That was recommended by my financial advisor, but the recommended shares didn’t do quite as well as she’d told me they might, so I was a bit sour about the stock market too.

I was stumped. I went back to looking at businesses.

The local coffee shop looked like a good idea until I found out how many hours, I’d be working a week, particularly on the weekends. Then there was the small problem that I didn’t drink coffee. Cross that one out.

Some years before I had signed up to become a Kirby Hoover distributor, until I realised that the price paid for every product had to support an enormous up-line commission scheme. Not many of us get a kick out of selling expensive hovers to our friends and neighbours. Cross that one out too.

I quickly figured that most business opportunities required a rather large investment in capital, with no guarantee of success. They also usually required leasing premises which meant financial obligations for years even if the business failed. I’d have to buy stock and try to guess whether customers would want to buy it. I’d need licenses and compliance with the rules and regulations. I’d have accounting work to do. I figured that a lot of people did this because they wanted to work for themselves, but to replace my salary I was going to need to make a huge investment first, in the order of hundreds of thousands of pounds. That sounded too risky.

So, I looked at work from home businesses so that I wouldn’t have to commit to an extended outlay in the form of a commercial lease. I soon discovered mostly multi-level marketing so-called opportunities – and I just wasn’t an MLM type of person.

I seemed to be running out of options. I was becoming desperate.

A light at the end of the tunnel

Then one day I saw a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I visited a Baby Exhibition in Birmingham to buy some baby accessories to kit out my daughter’s nursery and I noticed a small stand at the show, it said:

Work From Home Around Your Children

Want to get out of the rat race? Join our business opportunity and discover the exciting world of local marketing. Be independent. Get unlimited earning potential. Visit our stand to find out more

So, I did. I trotted over to the stand and spoke to a polite and mature lady for about half an hour. He invited me along to an information evening later in the month. I accepted immediately, even though I knew it was a sales pitch.

When I got there, the room was full of people talking in English, but using words I didn’t understand.

The room became quiet as the guru got up and started talking, weaving a kind of magic in a soft and mesmerising voice. He explained how it was possible to profit from selling advertising to local businesses. He said I could sell advertising, explain to local businesses all about the internet (as this was fairly new back then) and that I could grow a business form home, making more in a day than I could in a month working as a lecturer. This sounded a bit scary, but kind of exciting at the same time. I understood this idea of advertising and how it worked for businesses but didn’t fully understand why a business would want this.

The guru spent a couple of hours spinning a spell I haven’t forgotten. As he talked, my excitement grew. In my mind, I started ticking boxes. This might have the potential of the business I was looking for. These were some of my ticks.

Low start-up cost, so low risk

Not tied to wages

No boss

Can sell a product with no running costs

No lease

No staff worries

No creditors

Work as many days as I liked

Unlimited income potential

No more driving in the dark to and from work!!!

I looked for the downside. While I was doing so, my new friend explained that there were no secrets, and no Holy Grail of success. She pointed out that a wish list like the one I was ticking wasn’t just there for the taking, but would have to be earned. She said enigmatically that the downside was only within ourselves, and we each would have to learn to deal with that. My buoyant enthusiasm after checking off my tick list brushed her comment and any other potential problems aside. Who wouldn’t be interested in working a job where you could tick a list like mine?

So, I signed up immediately for the £5000 business franchise package

Four weeks later I was educated and bristling with enthusiasm. Another week and I had already sold my first deal to a local Mexican takeaway. I was ready to go.

In a nutshell, this is what I learned:

  • There are thousands of other companies selling advertising, local directories, websites, Yellow Pages and I had entered a market where advertising and marketing was highly competitive.
  • Businesses were constantly approached by companies to market with, and many business owners were taken advantage of with the latest CRAZY marketing idea on how to get them clients.
  • I could run the business from wherever I wanted, sometimes next to my daughter who was still in hospital, even when I went on holiday
  • I had to take the weekend off because businesses were too busy to discuss advertising at the weekend. This was getting better and better.
  • There was a specific language of terms I had to know. I now knew it. Well, some of it. Later, I discovered I was missing some really important bits.
  • All businesses wanted was customers, and they were prepared to try anything that would help them increase their client base.

Now let me explain, back then (in 2006) things were different. The Internet was fairly new. Social Media didn’t exist. FaceTime – YouTube and video calling wasn’t even heard of – in fact I remember Three trying to do this a few years before and it never taking off. Businesses related heavily on marketing in the local paper, magazines – any type of media that would gain them an advantage. Customers didn’t share their experiences via review websites, and they were much more open to purchasing products on impulse rather than being sceptical that what they are hearing sounds too good to be true. Back then marketers could try lots of marketing “tricks” and make unbelievable statements as the customer bought time and time again.

Nowadays, marketing to a potential buyer in the world of Likes, Posts and Snaps is very different. Yes, technology has evolved and there are a hundred and one platforms to deliver your marketing message to potential customers – but what has changed fundamentally more than anything else is the customer businesses are selling to. The simple facts are buyers don’t believe businesses, they are sceptical and non-believers and looking for reasons NOT to buy rather than reasons to buy – this is the sorry world we live in as a result of the internet and sharing information in one click – Fake News equals a Non-Trusting society. Despite all the competitors back in 2006 I wasn’t put off

I’d paid for the business and was committed. I wasn’t quite sure what I was selling when I first started out and didn’t really understand how the advertising I was promoting could have benefitted the business, I was simply told it would by the nice lady I bought the business / franchise from. Quickly I learnt though that for advertising and marketing to work for businesses there is a number of proven steps you need to take – after undergoing all the training from the franchise company I had invested in I quickly realised the world of marketing was so much bigger than what I could ever imagine.

What I didn’t realise at the time was how my previous life as a lecturer had actually provided me with a foundation for mastering marketing; you see I was lecturing Sports Psychology and specialised in motivational theory i.e. why someone behaves the way they do – understanding this and applying the theory of people reacting to emotional triggers made me realise very early that marketing was exactly the same – it doesn’t matter where you market if your message is wrong – you can put your advert top of Google but with the wrong marketing copy you have ZERO chance of getting a customer to buy from you. My knowledge at this point was limited so I made it my passion to spend my time researching professional marketers who focused on the Psychology of why customers behave the way they do and how you can use this knowledge to fast track your sales.

Persistence pays

My initial business purchase had got me to speak the lingo, and taught me the mechanics, but that was all. I really had no idea what I was doing. I still remember my support managers words, when she used to call me to let me know different types of marketing we could sell. They were always along the lines of “You could do this” or “have you tried this”?

So I’d paid £5000 for the business but what I realised very quickly was there wasn’t actually a proven path for selling the advertising and marketing services to businesses, I realised that I might just have been sold a dud, I had been sucked in on all the promises of what life could be like if I managed to master this but had no real idea or path of success to follow. Eeeek was the feeling, I had that sinking feeling inside where I didn’t want to go and tell my wife that I had made a mistake, especially when we had a new born just arrive. So, what did I do?

After a deep breath and when the numb feeling wore off a few days later, I realised that the only way to master marketing and providing advertising services to businesses was to learn how it all worked, despite realising I was a little out of my depth I was  nevertheless still determined. Some analysis was needed. I realised that yes i could sell advertising to businesses, however for businesses to get the true benefit this advertising had to turn into customers. I realised the gap in the market wasn’t about being another lead provider, PPC, SEO guru or lead provider but by focusing my attention on mastering the skills of copywriting and persuasive marketing material to ensure that the reader engaged with the material being put infant of them was the way to go. That Eureka moment felt like i was learning some unwritten rules of this marketing minefield.

So where to next?

My conclusion after about three seconds was that more work was needed. There was no way I was giving this up and having to keep crossing the old coat-hanger twice a day.

So, having a background in psychology, I decided to use this knowledge and investigate and find the marketing and psychology professionals, by finding these gurus and pulling apart their marketing material and psycho analysing their direct marketing copy and pulling apart what these experts were doing and why they were doing it and how it could result in a customer at the end of the journey became my life. I realised very quickly I should be able to find a way to exploit these behaviour and marketing patterns.

I paid another £4000 for some further training from a marketing guru who specialised in the psychology of the buyer. Within a couple of months, I realised that what I had spent my University day studying and then subsequently lecturing was the footing I needed to apply the psychology of marketing and sales to driving new customers to business.

I reassessed what I was currently doing with my local advertising business. OK, so I had spent about £13,000 by this point, but how did that compare with buying or starting a business with fixed costs? I realised I had this thing totally out of perspective. I was looking for a new lifestyle and had been contemplating spending well over 10 times that amount to get it. I laughed at myself. What a dope. Now I realised that even if I needed to spend double or three times my initial £5000 to make this new business a success, I would still be well ahead of the alternative.

Over the years of becoming a marketing professional I did spend perhaps £50,000 plus on courses, books, training classes and so on. I realised by taking my knowledge, linked with the education systems I accessed and running them through my business that I developed a system that combined automation marketing technology with persuasive copywriting which started to pump out customer after customer out the other end. I continued to tweak this system and after a couple of years realised I had a system here that could work with pretty much any business –  I spent from 2008 to 2012 capitalising on the system I had developed turning over millions in the process – until eventually selling my marketing business in 2012

I had discovered a very basic rule of how to make money through processes, understanding the buyer of today and combining automation marketing and persuasive copywriting – realising that this was something powerfully unique I named the system and FEPS was born – Fast Effective Persuasive System

It is a systematic approach to seeking potential customers, delivering the right message at the right time for the customer and overcoming their objections through an automated system making them buy from you time and time again.

This is really, really important!

When I spend tens of thousands of pounds on marketing, I needed to be sure the system, the process worked – there was no way I was going to trust myself to evaluate the performance of that marketing spend manually as I could make a mistake at any time. What if I had just had an argument with the wife? I would be feeling badly and be tempted to make a marketing decision I normally wouldn’t. And equally importantly, what if my last ten enquiries had all converted into clients? Would I get cocky and forget my normal careful procedure? Could I jump the gun and spend more on marketing?

This is worth repeating for emphasis. To become a successful marketer, you must have a defined method of marketing you can trust and stick to. Later, when you are more in harmony with the marketing, you can deviate and try new ideas. That will be after you fully understand your method and have used it many times. It’s like when your Dad taught you to drive. Mine always said “Do what I say, not what I do”.

So, what is a marketing method?

A method of marketing is a group of rules that you can apply to gain customers. With the insight of automation these rules are predetermined and if they tick all the boxes on your list your method can work. Your boxes might be things like:

  • Does my offer attract customers?

What is my marketing message – does it create an emotional response?

  • Is my marketing process geared towards selling or marketing?
  • Is my marketing addressing all of a prospect’s objections?
  • Is my process streamlined to allow the cream to rise to the top?
  • Does my crystal ball say, yes that’s a customer and no that’s a timewaster?
  • Do customers come to you?

So, it’s a set of rules. You can have a very simple marketing system. In fact, the simpler your rules, the easier it is to develop faith in your method and the easier it is to follow. What is available here is a system that has taken me years to master, it is my set of rules that can work time and time again if followed to the letter.

I personally spent years marketing in ways so simple I’d be embarrassed to tell a pre-schooler. Sadly, with the internet becoming so vital to our lives and social media being the latest craze, marketing these days has become more complex – my really simple methods have therefore evolved as technology has evolved.

To bring the system right up to date, what my system does is allow businesses to automate their sales and client acquisition process. Given the issues caused with Coronavirus, imagine a business having an automated marketing system without the need for high numbers of sales staff – suddenly a marketing system for the world we live in right now.

Ways to market

There are lots of different ways of marketing, but they can be broadly broken down into one purpose:

  • the effective way you attract new customers

After many years of trying different approaches, being like a scatter gun, I realized creating a system that persuades prospects to come to you through a combination of persuasive marketing copy and automation marketing technology is the way forward.

Tracking each stage of a client’s buying process, identifying pre-determined rules based on how a prospect interacts with marketing and creating a personalized journey that looks individual to our clients on the surface, but in reality is automated is what the benefit of FEPS offers.

Was it all worth it?

That initial investment in training has paid me back dozens of times. But it did take many years for me to be able to understand marketing, and even now I understand I am constantly learning and evolving with the latest crazes of putting direct marketing material in front of our prospects.  More importantly perhaps, I now realise everyone is still evolving and I shouldn’t beat myself up so much.

For years as a beginner I suspected there was a way to achieve prospects engaging with the marketing positively however it’s the understanding the psychology of the buyer and how they perceive what they are viewing that is the real key here. You see, even though I have a proven system, I still have to evolve and understand how the people buying products and services view the world we live in at any given time.

Many young marketers make the mistake of believing there is a magic way of attracting prospects and if you shout loud enough and put your message in front of the masses clients will come dripping through. They strive for that Holy Grail of marketing, the pure method that will allow them to simply turn on the Google Adds and clients coming rushing through the door.

I looked for the downside. While I was doing so, my new friend explained that there were no secrets, and no Holy Grail of success. She pointed out that a wish list like the one I was ticking wasn’t just there for the taking, but would have to be earned. She said enigmatically that the downside was only within ourselves, and we each would have to learn to deal with that. My buoyant enthusiasm after checking off my tick list brushed her comment and any other potential problems aside. Who wouldn’t be interested in working a job where you could tick a list like mine?

Surprise! There is no such thing

Now I’m sure you don’t find that a surprise at all.

On the other hand, you may be surprised to know that there really are marketers who can attract prospects time and time again, once you have a plan in place and a process that works it is important you repeat it time and time again. I found out what they are, and I’ll share them with you.

They are persistent

They are disciplined

They are really persistent

They put their ego on a shelf when marketing

They are very persistent

They are not afraid

Easy really, isn’t it? Now most of these more mature, successful marketers had to learn the ropes themselves. How do you know who is a good marketer and who isn’t? Successful marketers were and still are hard to find. So, the process took years. Nowadays there are some genuine training organisations that can help shorten the process considerably. It can be much easier.

Be aware though, no amount of training can make you a marketer unless you have, or build, the traits I’ve listed above.

If I had to do it again…

Looking back, for me, there was one vital component missing in my education.

It was that of a mentor.

I never had anyone to tell me whether my train of thought was heading down the right track. Yes, I read books. Yes, I attended training classes. Yes, I did my research. In reality though when I started, I knew nothing. How could that be? Much later I understood it was because I had displayed exactly those traits I’ve listed above, and despite my lack of knowledge I had started to develop a good marketing method that continued to attract prospects.

Despite this I still thought there was something I wasn’t getting, and I spent years feeling that way. All I needed was an older and wiser successful marketer to tell me that I already had what I needed. There was no need to search for something more. It would have saved me years of study, doubt and worry. My original guru had turned out to be a great salesman and coach, but a poor marketer. (This is not a criticism. Even world champions have coaches and we’ve never heard of them.)

In hindsight, having a mentor is probably the most important factor in shortening the time to becoming a profitable marketer. Without this, it is just so easy to head off in the wrong direction and spend ages trying to get out.

Hit and run criminals

Not one of the training classes or courses I took provided any mentoring service. I started to refer to all these educators as hit and run. I called them this because some would drag you into a weekend ‘intensive’ class session with a hundred others, charge you a grand a day, fill your head full of mumbo jumbo, and pop you out the other side. Voila! Just add water and you’re an expert. Oh, and if that doesn’t work, then there’s the phase 2 super class. Just wait. If you want to know the top secrets, and you’re struggling with what we’ve taught, for just $5000 more come along for a week and get the stuff that really works.

Avoid those jokers. A weekend? A week? What can you learn in that? It infuriates me to think that anyone would be so naïve to imagine they could tick off my whole list in a week.

This weekend, you can learn foreign exchange. Next weekend, maybe accountancy. The following weekend, why not neurosurgery.

Marketing today

Marketing nowadays is potentially much easier than it used to be, or could you argue much harder with all the latest information sharing going on….

If anything, the world we live in today compared to when I started is more sceptical, less trusting than ever before and quite frankly don’t believe what you say.  So, understanding this and realising prospects are fighting this inner voice of “do I” or “don’t I” when it comes to making a purchasing commitment puts you in great stead for moving forwards.

There are dozens of supposed marketing professionals promising you the world and social media and PPC providers, all working from home.

There are even more aspiring wannabe marketers. However, there are very few professional marketers who are performing and making a living from the fundamental key of marketing – client acquisition.  Yes, you will find professionals in web design, graphic design, social media – the list is endless, however none of this actually matters if your prospects don’t buy your offering.  It’s really easy these days to do your own marketing, you can download demonstration accounts free of charge and watch You Tube videos on what to do…

However, having the tools is one thing – it’s knowing how to put the tools together and in what order that is the key to success!

Remember the Marketing Rules – each rule has to come in the right order, at the right time to deliver the same result time and time again – this is the benefit of Automation – automation sales processes that deliver time and time again – just pause for a second and think of the benefits of this….

No sales people

Reduced costs

Simply put more prospects in the front end and watch what happens at the back end, oh and let’s not forget once you’ve mastered FEPS, this system can work at any time, irrelevant of any future situations where we have to live at home for months during to a pandemic of disease.

So, you can learn the basic mechanics for nothing. It’s a bit like you can buy any tool you like at the local DIY shop, take it home and have a go. Eventually you’ll get the hang of it.

And if it were just that simple, why aren’t my butcher and the postman doing it?

Well, your butcher could try it, but he probably wouldn’t succeed. He’d give up before he got too far, and so would most people. That’s what happens. Try it, because it’s free and give it a few hours. Spend a bit on Google, Facebook and give up. Some even get as far as building a website or using staff that have a degree in marketing, but even with that most businesses realize marketing is a little bit more difficult than anyone could have thought. Put simply they don’t understand the rules of the game.

So, now, would you want to be a marketer?

If you have read this far, you might be considering it.

Here’s one way. This way, all it costs you is your time and a small outlay in cash.

Type marketing forum or a variation of this into your favourite internet search engine. Ask someone to tell you when it’s the weekend, because you’ll need that much time just to become orientated. Read about a hundred different ways of building a marketing method. Wake up dazed and no wiser in six months.

While you’re doing this, get a free marketing guide and attend a few free webinars that try and sell you something and let me know if you are any further down your marketing journey.

Type marketing into the search engine, you’ll find quite a few. In fact, you won’t just find quite a few you will find hundreds of companies and providers all promoting different marketing services – all of them offering one part of the jigsaw – however which jigsaw pieces do you need to build the full picture?

Download the latest marketing platforms and spend a few days working out how to use it.

Wake up dazed and still playing with monopoly money in Google PPC in six months.

Read some books on marketing. The forums will tell you which ones. This is the way I did it, but without the internet of course. I would never do it that way again, not now there are much better tools and training facilities. Your chance of failure is, without exaggeration, close to 100%.

Here’s another way….

A better process?

Exchange months of your time for some of your money. Find a reputable training organisation. There are a few, but beware of their Holy Grail promises. Marketing for a living is not a way to get rich quickly, but at some time nearly everyone thinks that it can be. Wake up! It’s not. Mastering marketing can however tick the boxes for you like it did for me.

Remember I wrote about the difficulty of not having a mentor? Without a mentor you can spend an awful lot of time wandering down blind alleys in the search for the things that really count. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could just serve you those things on a plate?

Remember too I wrote about the hit and run merchants? They don’t care too much about you, they want to take your money and move on to the next client. You won’t make progress there either. You’ll end up paying for several of their courses and dancing from one educator to the next. This could be expensive.

Here’s a list of what I think you need to become a successful marketer for your business:

  • Education about the buyers of today
  • An understanding of the mechanics of automation sales and marketing processes
  • Basic computer skills
  • Reasonable writing skills
  • A love for being creative and story telling
  • The ability to test and stick to your plan
  • A great deal of psychological awareness of how you can be derailed
  • An understanding of processes, and putting yourself in other people’s shoes
  • The ability to take responsibility for your own actions

And here’s a list of what you don’t need:

  • A huge amount of money
  • Knowledge of every marketing platform
  • Exceptional computer skills
  • An ego
  • Preconceived ideas and bad marketing habits (easy to pick up)
  • Lots of marketing collateral, SEO, web designer, graphic designer, video animator – none of this is useful unless you have developed your rules and remember me saying – an important rule is the message and how it hits the emotions of your buyers! Don’t forget this

Where does it lead?

Now to the point. If you’re going to choose someone to help you become a marketer, you need to find a friend who understands marketing and has made money consistently. Now that’s a tough call. Otherwise you can employ a professional company that:

  • Provides you with individual training. You don’t want to sit in a class with others, because you’re not going to get the attention you need, nor detailed enough answers to your questions. There’re always questions, and usually after the session is over. One on one training is vital. Everyone learns at a different pace, and in different ways.
  • Provides you with training materials in both written and audio-visual form. One reinforces the other. You’ll need a personal trainer to make sure you understand everything, who sets you homework based on the training material, and reviews your work one on one with just you and you alone.
  • Spreads the training out so you can get some real market practice while you make progress. You need to learn step 1, then practice it. Only then should you go to step 2. That’s the way they do it in school, isn’t it?
  • Gives you feedback about your performance, what you’re doing right, and what you’re doing wrong. Individually.
  • Takes you on a personal journey from total novice up to a stage where you know everything you need to know to become a successful marketer.
  • Supports you individually along the way, over a period of months rather than days.

Now that I’m older, I’m finding there’s a buzz in helping others achieve their goals too. I lacked a mentor and it cost me years. I never had someone to tell me when I was heading in the right direction.

As a result, I set up the FEPS – Fast Growth Club; yes I still market and I manage all the marketing for my own businesses and private clients but I also get my thrills by helping our members learn about marketing and how they can grow their business FAST. Other people who, like me, are getting tired of the daily grind.

FEPS – Fast Growth Club

FEPS is an educator in marketing. We have a very structured and detailed training course. It provides:

  • Individual tailored weekly one on one lessons from my marketing experts that have been trained and have mastered the FEPS system
  • Mandatory homework tasks
  • Audio visual presentations
  • A specific method of marketing allowing your business to achieve fast growth through automation
  • Feedback and fine tuning of your persuasive marketing material you create
  • Training events several times a week on the internet
  • A challenge to you to produce persuasive marketing copy for your prospects, test it, view performance and received weekly feedback on how its performed
  • Weekly marketing reviews each Monday, in a live prospect environment
  • Ongoing personal support for 12 months or more.

And it’s in this ongoing support you will find the mentoring service that you need to be successful at fast growth for your business. Now remember I said right at the start “common sense will tell you that anything that can provide great rewards like being a great marketer can’t come to you without effort”

It’s true. FEPS Fast Growth Club will not guarantee your success. We don’t hand out ATM cards. You have to want to do it, and you have to be willing to make the effort. Do you, and will you?

If you’re interested in this lifestyle, take a good look at FEPS – Fast Growth Club and the benefits it can have for your business. We’re not the biggest or flashiest, but that’s not what you need.

We won’t show you expensive cars (except to make a point) or the lifestyles of the rich and famous so we can entice you into a dream you’ll never realise. But we will give you a practical, down to earth education and save you many, many hours of frustration. So that you can give yourself a chance.

Will you make it? Can you make it? I don’t know. You may or you may not, it’s up to you and nobody else. You can be assured, however, that we will do everything we can to make sure you do make it. When you ask, we help.

FEPS Fast Growth Club intends to turn business owners into marketing professionals to achieve fast growth. That’s what we are about


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