Here’s How To Ethically Persuade Anyone To Take Any Action You Want Them To…

PLUS Achieve Your Businesses Goals as You Increase Your Income, Close More Sales and Increase Your Confidence…

This System Has Made Millions In Sales And Businesses That Have Followed Everything Shared Here Have Seen Their Sales Increase By 300% in Only 60 Days

Dear Friend,

What is your number one asset in business…and in life?


Your ability to sell your product or service effectively…to close the deals, both in your business and your personal life…to stand out, be seen, prove your case to the world…

…and in so doing create your greatest destiny possible.

My name is Simon Rickett and I have used this system over the last 8 years to generate millions of pounds worth of sales both in my own business and the businesses I consult for.

I really ‘did’ see the green light on how to persuade anyone to do anything…and how to teach anyone, regardless of ability or background to be a master sales person, closer, negotiator, online entrepreneur in as little as 60 days.

Now, there’s just one important thing you must consider:

In The Wrong Hands, These Persuasion Techniques Could Be Used To Manipulate Your Customers…..

..and trust me, I’ve been there. That’s not how I encourage you to use what I’m about to share with you…

In fact, I must insist that you use it ethically. If you have any doubts that you can’t do this, please close this web page immediately.

There’s nothing wrong with knowing how to sell a product, service, or your self. In fact, it is THE most important business and life skill you can master. Being able to persuade is something you should be proud of.


Out of the thousands of sales my businesses achieved, be warned this system is so powerful it can get out of control in the wrong persons hands.

I have thought long and hard about sharing this with you, but this system is so good, so profitable that I decided that despite me being very aware these techniques can be used unfarily, I felt it was only fair I made this available to those looking to increase their income and close more sales.

This system is so powerful I have insisted that it remains ethical and made this System of ultimate persuasion even better by implementing ethics as a way to SELL MORE.

That’s right: the more ethical you are, the greater your sales and persuasion skills can be.

After I committed myself to teaching my System to….

….. businesses owners that continue to chase their tail,

… entrepreneurs that just cant seem to make consistent sales,

……product owners who can’t understand why no one is buying what they believe is the best product since ‘slice bread’….

I discovered something quite remarkable:

If You Are Struggling With Selling A Product, Service… Or Selling Your Self, This System Is The Closest Thing To ‘Magic’ I’ve Ever Seen…


In fact in teaching it to a client….

…. they were astonished in how easy and simple this system was to implement and how he could gain sales on his own without employing anyone else.

By using this system his business went from making 1 sale a month to 12 sales a month in less than 60 days.


Therefore If You Promise To Use This System In The Ethical Manner In Which It Is Meant, Let Me Share With You A Small Sample Of What You Will Learn…

The Fast Effective Persuasion System: How to create instant rapport, control the sales conversation and close every single deal that is closeable

Secrets on prospect power. The mind game of letting the prospect feel in control while you in fact control everything and remain with the POWER

Creating Customers For Life, which with it comes a never ending referral system that gets stronger and stronger OE CU SCS CAC)

The 5 Most Important Sales Closes that are almost forgotten and how you implement them from the VERY start of your marketing funnel

Using the 3 key elements of the Fast Effective System, to build a logical, emotional and highly persuasive system that if elegant and effective for your business

Training, managing and motivating your team to produce top level sales performance time and time again

The Fast Effective Persuasion System Has Helped Many Business

“Using the System I was able to identify new markets for my business and generate thousands of pounds worth of business in weeks. This gave me the confidence to expand my business further”

” We went from one client a month to 12 clients a month in less than 8 weeks after implementing this System. I found the results of this system to be amazing, I’ve ran my own business for 10 years and have never generated the sales volume at this level of cost ever before”

“Simon Rickett has provided consultancy for my business for over 5 years. I find his honest and direct approach is a refreshing change from those that just tell me what I want to hear, since I’ve worked with Simon he has generated me sales that I didn’t think were possible”

“Simon Rickett was recommended to me from a colleague. If I hadn’t implemented the System Simon shared with me I reckon I would have spent thousands on marketing and thousands on employing a sales team, when in fact this system is so powerful I was able to identify prospects and close sales that i didn’t ever think was possible. My business would not be where it is today without Simon’s input”

Here Is What Simon Rickett’s Fast Effective Persuasion System Includes…


The Key Components Of Persuasive Marketing


Overcoming Objections Through Your Copy Without Speaking To Prospects


How To Make Your Prospect Feel In Control Through The Buying Process While You Maintain All The Power


Building Rapport Through Persuasive Marketing


Monitor, Control, Close Your Buyer Through Online Interaction


The Inner Game Of Fast Effective Persuasion


Email Marketing And Persuasive Copy Techniques


Automation Power To Reduce Costs And Increase Profitability


More Data – More Prospects – Faster Growth


A Strategic Approach To Implementing The Fast Effective Persuasion System For Your Business

MODULE – 11 

Technical Analysis – Learn How To Monitor And Evaluate All Your Prospects Through The Buying Process

MODULE – 12 

The Key Components To Fast Growth

While this breakthrough home study course could quite easily be priced in the thousands, Simon wanted to ensure that it was priced in reach of all businesses, whether your a struggling salesman or budding entrepreneur.

When you consider by increasing your conversion rate and maximising your sales strategy will start to generate you the wealth you have longed for the Fast Effective Persuasion System is guaranteed to increase your businesses sales.

In fact Simon is so confident on the success of the system that if you follow all advice shared, implement all strategies that if the System has not started to have positive impacts on your business within 60 days you can contact us through this websites contact page and ask for a full refund.

This 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is Available To ALL CUSTOMERS…

…. Meaning you have no risk, because we are that confident that this system will have paid for itself in 60 days and if it hasn’t you simply ask for a refund.

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