Simon Rickett – Power of Persuasion

When studying for a Masters in Sports Psychology and getting a grade of 87% on a paper all about “Motivational Factors”, who would have thought that 12 years on Simon Rickett has used that knowledge and what makes people tick to full effect as he implemented this theory into his businesses to achieve millions of pounds worth of sales.

Seen as today as the power of persuasion, getting those to do what you want is what makes you stand out from a crowd, its what makes you achieve sales time and time again.

Simon Rickett has always been described as someone who won’t take no for an answer. In fact his family described him on numerous occasions as someone who will not give up until he gets what he wants.

There are six psychological principals that drive our powerful impulse to comply to the pressure that others put on us and once you understand these principals they can be used to persuade those to do what you want.

Any marketing approaches a business takes, must persuade, they must bridge the gap between what they want to happen and where the prospect is in the buying process.

Simon Rickett’s Fast Effective Persuasion System identifies these key principals, and produces them in a clear and effective strategy for you to use in your marketing approaches.

This system has worked time and time again. There was a recent study carried out by social psychologists as UCLA and it related to negotiations, and it identified that those that got the most out of deals were those that started with an offer that looked a bit extreme, i.e, an offer and then over time conceded to something more reasonable. Think of this and how it applies to marketing, how many times do you take advantage of the latest money saving offer.

This is just one example of persuasion strategies that Simon Rickett shares.