Since 2007 Simon Rickett’s Fast Effective Persuasion System has produced, extraordinary sales results for numerous companies. This system has achieved millions of pounds worth of sales and has benefited a whole range of businesses.

What Simon Rickett provides is designed to focus on how persuasion can be used to align business success for any industry. You and your team will learn the elements of the inner game of converting more sales, and what can be used to nurture the prospect all the way through the buying process. Your business will start to become the wealth creation vehicle you had hoped it could be as you build the necessary foundations to build, manage, grow and prosper as you gain the confidence to convert more sales.

Using his direct and straight talking approach you will be trained on how to use a powerful system that has generated millions of pounds worth of sales over the years, attracted thousands of customers and there is no doubt the results speak for themselves.

Training can be provided through, 1:1 training for key company executives, team training weeks, or ongoing strategic consulting on how the Fast Effective Persuasion System can work for you.

You will learn:



If you are seriously looking to increase your sales and learn the power of persuasion to fast track your sales, contact us and let Simon Rickett assist you as he teaches you his Fast Track Persuasion System that has made millions in sales and can achieve success for your business….