Online Marketing

The worldwide web has revolutionised the nature of communication and marketing beyond all recognition. In the last twenty years, every major international company has invested an ever-increasing percentage of its resources into capturing a larger share of the online market. It is vital you understand that the way we search for information, discover new products, and ultimately make our purchases has been influenced by the technology of the internet more than any other factor of the past decade.

“If it’s not on the internet, it doesn’t exist!” is a popular belief in the online community, making light of the prevalent and instantly available wealth of information on the web. Although light-hearted in tone, it is a growing opinion which modern web users give credence to with their browsing habits. After all, why search for that elusive company with no web presence when its direct competitors are available at the click of a button? This is a serious issue for any business regardless of the size of its operations. Rickett sees the internet as a zero-sum game: if your competitors are winning all of the online custom, then you must be losing out.

Web presence and online visibility are therefore crucial to any business in these times of harsh and uncertain finance. Every business is looking to optimise its online presence and those who succeed are reaping the rewards of satisfied customers and a growing reputation. But what is the secret formula that allows some exceptional cases to flourish where so many have failed?

Online marketing is similar to old fashioned branding and promotion, except that it employs specific techniques which use web technology in the most focused and efficient way possible. Whereas you might once have issued a press release to a local journalist, regional newspaper, or a trade publication, you can now publish your copy immediately via article marketing sites for the whole world to see. Business article websites are an online community of businesses set up to facilitate mutual interests in publicity and marketing.

Article marketing is incredibly straightforward, remarkably effective, and available to your business completely free of charge (in most instances). Article marketing is the most cost efficient method of delivering results in online visibility and marketing; providing you with the maximum benefits of web presence whilst allowing you to focus your expenditure where it is needed most: in delivering a service to your customers that will ensure they return to you time and again.

This marketing strategy is not overly technical or time consuming. Text documents are the lifeblood of the worldwide web, and technologies such as Google exist solely to search and locate words. Your company simply uploads its article along with a link to your own website, and the article sites do the rest! As long as your ensure your text is between 500 and 1,000 words, and is an entirely original document, you have a great chance of getting your article published