Importance of Sales Pages and Converting Website Traffic

Simon Rickett explains sales pages and converting website traffic.

Rickett often reads about the importance of sales pages however what very few explain is the success of your sales page is reliant on where you place it in the marketing process.

Simon Rickett outlines that if you add a sales page to the marketing process at a stage when the buyer is only browsing and not in the buying mood then you will actually turn off the sale all together and you then impact the chances of that potential customer returning.

The key to being successful in writing sales pages (Simon Rickett believes)  is to ensure that you don’t turn off your potential customers at an early stage. Customers these days do not want to feel pressured into buying, they are more sceptical than other therefore Rickett explains that they must feel in control of what they are buying if you want to do business with them.

Therefore creating a professionally written sales page is very important, however make sure it is only introduced at a time when the buyer is ready to buy.

How do you know when they buyer is ready to buy? Simon Rickett explains that the key things you need to have considered are:

–       Have you built up trust with the customer. Have you communicated with them regularly to raise your profile and ensure that the customer is trusting what you are saying

–       Have you provided free information and advise? The more free information you provide the more the person is likely to trust you explains Rickett.

Once you have your potential customer in the buying mood and wanting to do business with you then the key is to build excitement and offer an opportunity for them to buy their and then. Offer them a deal with a limited timeframe.

Offering special offers might be seen these days as a ploy to get the customer to part with money however it is only seen as a ploy of the customer doesn’t trust you therefore by ensuring you introduce the offer at the right time of the sales process explains Rickett will ensure that your customers snaps off your hand.

So when deciding on how to construct you sales page, and whether to introduce it immediately to potential customers or in the case of the interent – website traffic), consider the importance of collecting the searchers contact details and communicating with them in such away until they are ready to buy.

This does not need to be as hard as you may think explain Rickett. It is often beneficial to advertise on websites where you are likely to find your customers. For example if you are selling car related products you should consider advertising on car related websites, but rather than promoting a professionally written sales page, consider offering something for free, or offering free advise. This way your potential customers are more likely to engage with you and you will build trust immediately.

Then with the data regularly  email the customer providing further advise explains rickett and then and only then introduce them to a professionally written sales page that includes a once in a lifetime offer

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