Free Business Advertising by Simon Rickett

Whatever your business, you cannot afford to ignore the opportunities online marketing offers you in your bid to reach potential customers. Simon Rickett has a wealth of experience in online marketing.

Simon Rickett knows all about growing businesses online; he has grown his own online business from scratch and sold it. He now wants to work with other businesses to achieve the same kind of growth. He strongly recommends you use article publishing to help increase your profile.

Article publishing is a highly effective business advertising tool which utilises the full power of the internet to draw business to your company. You will no doubt be familiar with the concept of company press releases; you may even have already been successful in gaining some local press coverage through releases you have sent out. Article publishing offers cover that goes far beyond anything a local newspaper can provide.

All you need to do is write an original article of 500 to 1,000 words about a topic relating to your business sector. Then find a variety of free websites online that allow you to publish your content for free.

The key component to any article published on your behalf is a concept known as key words. Key words are the kinds of words people will commonly use when they are searching online for the product or service your company offers. Using the right key words in your article will move it higher up the main search engine rankings, thereby increasing your exposure to potential customers.

Article publishingoffers you:

• Access to more and more customers through the web
• The chance to network with other businesses
• Increased links to your website

And don’t forget, most article sites are free. Just make sure you make the content interesting